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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  March 2, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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rcling the area. and then it ended up with the tragic situation where the suspect was killed and the police officers had a shootout. there's a lot to sort out here. we're going to go through the video and represent a better picture for you at 6:30. back to you ann. well, an overnight chase from daly city to san francisco ended with police shoot asking killing a plan there that they say pointed a gun at them. it all started this morning at 12:30 when officers tried to pull over a suspected car thief. the driver took off and eventually jumped out of the moving car in san francisco's little hollywood neighborhood. that's when the confrontation turned deadly. >> suspect turned on the officers and one of the daly city officers i discharged his -- discharged his firearm striking the suspect. the suspect didn't survive the injuries. well, it's a bad situation and it's getting worse. >> we just have not been able
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to locate mr. bush and so for that reason, the rescue effort is being discontinued. >> engineers say the sinkhole inside this house is unlike anything they've ever even. the man swallowed by it cannot be found. and now the rest of the subdivision is in danger. it is something no one can quite get their minds around. a hole in the earth opening upenders a house de-- up under a house devouring a man in his bed. the sinkhole is now 50 feet deep and adriana diaz talked to the distraught homeowners. >> reporter: people are comforting the family of a florida man missing in a sinkhole that swallowed his bedroom. saturday rescue crews called off the search for 37-year-old jeff bush's body. >> at this point we have to move beyond the rescue to demolition phase and a securing of the site. >> reporter: bush disappeared thursday when the earth under his home opened up. before clues ended the search, his brother jeremy was desperate for them to retrieve
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the body. >> that's where his grave is going to be and i truly hope they can get him out. >> reporter: he even tried to save his brother thursday. he jumped into the hole and got stuck and had to be rescued himself. >> it's going to bother me for the rest of my life. i believe i'm going to have trouble because i was in the hole trying to rescue him. >> reporter: engineers say the hole is slowly growing and now threatens other homes in the suburb east of tampa. saturday firefighters helped those families evacuate with some belongings. crews say the sinkhole is to deep and unstable it will be sticky to demolish the bush's house. >> any further demolition can't even take place on the site. it needs to be done from outside the perimeter with huge equipment that will be able to reach in. >> reporter: the demolition is expected to begin sunday morning. adriana diaz, cbs news. and geologists say florida is highly prone to sinkholes that's because there are caverns of limestone below ground that can dissolve into ground water. in 1981 a zinc hole in orlando
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grew to 400 feet across. it devoured a house and the deep end of a swimming pool. the sheriff's department is warning people in a san mateo neighborhood about a string of burglaries, they broke into homes on lexington avenue and sheraton place in the highlands area. police say in all, three cases the burglars got into the homes through sliding glass back doors. now one woman says her husband came home and found their home ransacked and valuable jewelry was missing. she says the back door had been forced open. >> probably they have something that you know the bar you know -- and then they have a lock here. the -- they broke the lock. >> the sheriff's department has added extra patrols in the neighborhood and deputies are asking neighbors to report any suspicious vehicles or activity. we're a week into spring training and hundreds of players are trying to win a job with the ball club but they aren't the only ones looking for work from ticket takers to
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ushers to concessions, kpix 5's anne makovec shows thus big turnout for the -- us the big turnout for the san jose giants' job fair. >> times are tough right now. >> reporter: hundreds of job seekers came hopeful for part- time temp work with the san jose giant. >> trying to make it and survive. >> reporter: not talking about high school kids for the summer. >> i haven't done in? probably 11 years. it's kind of -- nerve-wracking. stomach ache you know. >> reporter: liz perez already has a job but she needs another one to keep up with the rising cost of living. >> everything's going up. but your income. >> reporter: randy ibanez agrees he already works full- time at a warehouse. >> there are a lot of jobs available but then there's a lot of competition though. everyone's looking for a job right now. >> reporter: she has training and ten years experience in promotion and she'll take what she can get. >> retail sales i'm willing to start there. i understand that and learn more about the game just being there. and then move up from there. >> you know we've had such a huge turnout the last few years
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we decided to change the process this year. >> reporter: applicants preregistered online and then be invited to the hiring event. 400 people got the nod. >> really to have about 200 people. we've doubled our numbers. >> reporter: now they have no problem filling jobs unlike the days when the silicon valley was booming. >> my first year was eight seasoning a and we had about 50 people. so that's the deference. >> reporter: about 125 jobs are actually available. that means only one in four will be hired. they'll find out on friday. >> there'll be some anxiety and some anxiousness you know. >> i don't know. >> reporter: the jobs will start when the san jose giants kick off the season on april 11th. in san jose, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> and nearly all of the jobs offered at the fair today are minimum wage. in san jose that's now $10 an hour. well, usually when you say sharks and blood it's not a good thing. but that wasn't the case today in the south bay.
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the san jose sharks foundation and the stanford blood center hosted the save a life blood drive at the pavilion. registration for organ and bone marrow donations were also available. after fans donated they got a special treat. the chance to watch the sharks practice at the tank. well, next, a nurse stands by as an elderly woman collapses. >> they are going to let her die. >> the call to 911 is disturbing. >> and we are counting down the days until the opening of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. kpix 5 is your official station for the opening ceremony labor day weekend.
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begging a nurse to start c-p-r on a woman w the story is one you just have to hear to believe. a dispatcher gigging a nurse -- begging a nurse to start cpr on a woman who collapsed. elissa harrington reports the nurse said no over and over again. >> we need get cpr started. that's not enough okay? >> we can't do cpr. >> reporter: it's the call for help from the last person you'd expect. a nurse on the phone with a 911 dispatcher. refusing to give an unconscious woman cpr.
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her excuse? it's against her company's policy. what makes this even more bizarre, her company is a retirement home. >> reporter: the nurse who identifies herself only as colleen works at glenwood gardens in bakersfield. the call is from tuesday morning when 87-year-old lorraine bayless collapses in the dining room and is barely breathing. on the other line is the dispatcher. >> reporter: she grows increasingly frustrated during the seven minute and 16 second phone call. begging the nurse to perform cpr or put someone on the phone who's willing to try. a passer-by even another resident at the facility.
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>> reporter: help comes too late. an ambulance takes bayless to the hospital where she dies. reports say she did not have a do not resuscitate order and although the worker was following policy, this death opens up a legal can of worms. >> lawsuits are the least of their problems. they're looking at lawsuits that could put them out of business. every person in the facility and the owner of the facility could be looking at license revocation from the state and they could be criminally prosecuted on theory of homicide. >> reporter: elissa harrington reporting. so how could this happen? bayless is part of the independent facility at glenwood gardens like the apartment complex for seniors. it's separate from the skilled and assisted nursing facilities there. the independent section does not offer medical help. instead the practice is to call911 in an emergency but still the director at the facility promises a thorough review of the incident. from the kpix 5 weather center. good evening everyone, we have
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rain. it's back in your forecast. maybe even a little bit sooner than you anticipate. the full pinpoint forecast as the news continues right here on kpix 5.
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sacramento. nats talk about angry birds. people are getting goosed left and right at a park in sacramento. oh my. all right, it seems these geese get their feathers riled when people try to take pictures. bird experts say the geese are just defending their territory and they've already been kicked out of the nearby pond by other fowl. roberta is here and we've
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been talking all week long about the dry conditions. poor snow fall in the area but we might have a change? >> little bit of light rain. nothing substantial. however to change the statistics i was in napa earlier today at the marathon expo and you can see the shield of clouds working their way back into the forecast. bringing us some light rain. good evening everyone, this is our kpix 5 hi-def doppler radar. doesn't that look ominous? it's quite deceiving. what we're looking at here is verga. this is rain that's actually evaporating before it hits the land but nevertheless, the possibility of a couple of sprinkles tonight throughout windsor, also in santa rosa maybe the rain drops make it to the pavement wettening up the surface. but for the most part cloud cover right now. this is a live look at mount vaca where currently it's mostly cloudy and official sun down at 6:04. some very mild temperatures. 61 degrees in oakland. it is currently 57 degrees in san francisco. mid 60s commodore and santa
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rosa. today's highs considerably cooler than what we experienced yesterday when we had five record high temperatures. including 81 degrees in santa cruz. today it was 71. ten degrees cooler there. today 72 in oakland. down from yesterday's record breaker at 74 degrees. still, above normal numbers across the entire region including san francisco where typically we should be right around the mid 60s. tonight, overnight with the cloud cover, some very mild numbers. 40s and 50s. won't need that heater or that extra blanket. another live look this time looking out towards mount diablo where we could see by wednesday night a little dusting of snow with the lowering snow levels at 3500 feet wednesday night. overnight tonight rain chances mainly north of the golden gate bridge. for your sunday we could have a wet start if we see any rain it will be measured at a few one hundredths and then rain easily by wednesday. this is a plume of moisture that's surging in from the
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pacific coming to the bay area. but for the most part all this is evaporating rapidly. this trough is going to fall apart very quickly passing to the south. then we open the door for yet another rainmaker by the evening commute tuesday into wednesday. so here's how we're planning out your sunday so you can make outdoor plans. good play day. sure a few clouds we'll call it anywhere from partly to mostly cloudy and then full on sunshine towards sunset tuesday remains dry up until about the evening commute. so tomorrow, your numbers again, coming down in comparison to today. 58 in san francisco. down from today's high of 69 degrees. only low 60s in san jose. mid 60s east of the bay and the wind are going to be a factor out of the west 10 to 20 miles an hour. a look at the extended forecast. at home sunshine, on monday. full on sunshine. and then we do see increasing clouds on tuesday. and wednesday, certainly the rain but only less than an inch expected. more sunshine by the weekend and speaking of the weekend tomorrow is the 3r5th running of -- 35th running of the napa
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valley marathon. 47 degrees at start time and they're honoring women so many fabulous people like joan who was the 1984 olympic gold winner. she was there today and shaking hands and just a really good feeling in napa. >> always a good feel in napa. >> all righty. thank you so much. all right we go from running to i guess what? the boys of summer huh vern? >> the boys of summer still in progress. pablo sandoval he was swinging for the fences today before he left for the world baseball classic. we have that and cal looking for his seventh straight win this afternoon.
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we're going hard court first... o team hotter in p this is the month for college basketball. >> absolutely. we're getting ready, march madness. right around the corner. hey we're going hard court first folks. no team hotter in the pac 12 than the california bears' men's team. mike montgomery can check up another 20 win season on his list. hosting colorado just tin cobb beat the shot clock on that shot. second half cal and look out. to tyrone wallace. under six minutes to go. you want the dagger? we got it. a swat at one end. and check the trailer coming up with a fast break. this will be david kravish he had 14 and cal wins it 62-46.
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lot of love in spokane. gonzaga solidified the claim as the number one team in the country. just destroyed portland. 15 points and 11 rebounds. gonzaga rips portland 81-52. the poll comes out monday and it will be gonzaga's first number one ranking in school -- yeah -- history. how many times the women's side? it was -- how about the women's side? it was washington state standing in the way of fourth ranked stanford share ago 14th straight conference title. a landmark day for her. but don't blink. they strike quick. stanford up nine and then orange picks it. 28 and 13 her numbers. the 13 rebounds puts her ahead of sister nekka for the all time single season rebounding record. second half nobody should leave samuelsson alone. she going to hit it every time. they win it 72-50. this from the cal women folks. a share of the pac 12 regular season title for the first time
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ever. that is awesome for let's see -- the group. they rolled washington 78-50 to do it. spring training action and nobody hits balls that are about to hit the ground like pablo sandoval. the panda goes yard for the first time this spring. giants beat the cubs by a final of 9-7. by the way sandoval left the team to join his venezuelan team to play in the world baseball classic. now, there was split squad business this afternoon as the other half of the giants -- waged battle with the royals today. a 9-5 final there and the a's over the rockies 6-3. josh reddick and brandon moss both hit homers for the green and gold. san jose earthquakes had their best record in the mls last year. and all it got them was an early playoff exit. now this was back in november. the home playoff loss to landon
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donovan and the galaxy the eventual league champion. quakes o open up the campaign tomorrow night hosting real salt lake at the stadium. they led the league in scoring last year and the offense is there. the goalie john bush theorizes the sting of 2012 might be what the young team needs moving forward in a strange way. >> look at our series against l. a.. we get a 1-0 win down in l. a.. and we come back and they take care of business in that second game here. and -- you know, credit to l. a.. credit to landon and beckham. when those guys needed to step up. they step up. and that's why they're big time players. now we have to get our players to that level so when the playoffs come around and a big game comes around like that and it's an elimination game we come out on the positive side. more variety with golf. a little windy in florida. this is the honda class i, michael -- classic. michael thompson from the cat box and in. tied for the lead at 8 under par with like guthrie and
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there's luke guthrie right in. hold your calls, we have luke guthrie highlights right there. there's -- they share the lead at the honda classic. you see tiger woods there just trying to eye it down. he did shoot a 70 for the day. he is 9 strokes back. all right, last night a battle royale in the pavilion last night. mission in double overtime. this porter with the circus shot. mission taking care of lincoln in three overtimes. marillo a nice money shot there as mission wins the title 78-71 by the way lowell won the girls' championship against galileo. how about a good hold hockey -- old hockey fight? going to have to wait because this is not a good hockey fight. there we go -- they just stand there. they didn't come to blows. they didn't do anything. isn't that something? like yeah come on. come on -- come here. we'll be off of here by the
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time they start swinging blows. thought you would enjoy that. >> see? >> be the not great hockey fight. >> i've seen better fights -- >> i think their mamas might be watching. >> that maybe. i don't know. >> thank you very much. all right. all right, well it started out as a high speed chase but the driver ends up dead. it's the latest in a series of bay area shootings in the last three dies, more on -- days. more on why officers opened fire in the middle of a san jose neighborhood. that story and more in just half an hour. but again a reminder for the rain is it's not going to be significant. >> anything we see overnight tonight through tomorrow morning will be measured in a few one hundredths of an inch. but tuesday through wednesday night. a full inch of rain in the wettest locations across the bay area with a lowering snow level at 3500 feet. so another chance of a little bit of a light dusting. >> keep our fingers crossed. all right. thank you so much. all right that's it for us at 5:30. we'll see you back in half an hour. our news updates are on at
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>> axelrod: tonight, death of a terrorist. the al qaeda commander behindind the january attack on a gas plant in algeria is reported killed in north africa. kelly cobiella has the latest. the sequester's massive spendingester's cuts are signed into law. so now what? major garrett on how and whengarret americans might begin to feel the effects. >> the bedroom floor just collapsed and my brother-in-law is in there. m he's underneath the house. >> axelrod: that sinkhole inh the florida is spreading after apparently claiming the life of one homeowner.a now the whole neighborhood is under threat.s and playgrounds to remember.ds to terrell brown on how victims of one grand-scale tragedy will honor the victims of another. victi captioning sponsored by cbs
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sp this is the "cbs evening news." new >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod.vening we begin tonight with a report report of a strike against al qaeda militants in north the army in chad says its soldiers have killed mokhtar belmokhtar.sold he's believed to be the. mastermind behind the attack onmind that gas plant in algeria this past january. 37 foreigners were killed in that raid, including three americans. kelly cobiella now reports from london. >> reporter: mokhtar belmokhtar was america's newest enemy. a today, the head of chad's armys said the man known as one eye as o was dead, killed in a raid in the mountains of north mali thisai afternoon. mali the leader of al qaeda in north africa claims to be the mastermind behind the january janua attack on the amenas gas plant in algeria which left at least 37 foreign workers dead. 32 al qaeda fighters stormed theqaeda plant before dawn january 16